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We Understand That Time Is Money!

We are committed to your teams overall health and wellness. We help organizations to understand the key building blocks required for implementing a robust health and wellness program and the 7 different dimensions to wellness.  Are you ready to invest in your team’s health and wellness? 

Long term absences from work due to disability or illnesses can be costly to your company. Studies show work related absences are mainly because of increase in work stress and an aging workforce. Other variables include health status, attitude toward work, job satisfaction, job content, working conditions, workplace culture, etc. As a strategy to reduce this, more and more companies are turning to corporate wellness programs as a benefit to their employees.

In collaboration with LIBRA HR, we assess your employees ergonomic set up and create space for Figure 8 HIIT desk training. No equipment. Just YOU! What you get with this combo? Certified HR Professionals, personal trainers and a health coach, offering your business the balance between a healthier employee lifestyle and fewer absenteeism for your organization. LIBRA HR will also assist with your business occupational health and safety requirements. Whether you are working from home or an in setting office, any work space should be a safe space.

What does that mean for your organization?

  • Engaged, Healthier, Motivated Employees
  • Increased Productivity
  • Increased Positive Attitude
  • Higher Employee Retention
  • Reduced Sick Days
  • Reduced Stress in the Workplace

ReStart Wellness and LIBRA HR want to help your company get employees motivated, engaged and healthier. We work to your time needs and time constraints. In our session, employees will learn about healthy eating habits, HIIT training, intermittent fasting and much more.

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